Check out some of my days in Public- and Media-Relations!

November 1, 2015

Cynthia Kirk (is going through old papers, and) just sent me this (that I will recycle, too).

[click to enlarge]



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Check out some of my business cards when I was at Salomon!

October 1, 2015

Starting at One New York Plaza (in 1986), then to 55 Water Street, then to Two New York Plaza, all in a row, downtown, on the water near South Ferry.

Salomon Brothers Inc

See the building address, here?! We moved the world headquarters (somewhat) uptown. (Over many weekends!)

rh sbi card at 7wtc

Years later that building came crumbling down. (Nobody I know was hurt. [I did lose one (ex-Solly) friend, who was at Cantor FitzGerald (at the top of one of the twin towers) in 2001.]) And it has been rebuilt.


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Check out “My current favorite projects & affiliations”!

September 1, 2015

For those who ask me “What do you ‘do’?”

(Click the graphic to) check out some of the ways that I ‘spend’ (*invest*) my time & energy, expertise & passion.

From music to employment transition to bicycling to food…



Check out “The International Collaboration Project”!

August 10, 2015

Francisco Diaz & Deb Young make photographs, in an entirely online relationship–Skype-ing for hours on end! Their creations are surrealistically realistic (realistically surrealistic?). They have a refreshingly new/decidedly unique point of view/style.

E.g., not only were they not together, in this shot (or ever, in person!), I would further guess that neither of them were ever captured in front of this facade! So, what IS “real”? [These photo-graphic-like cotton-candy-spun layer-cake-built pixel-sculptures? Sure!]


A (manufactured) portrait of the artists.

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Northern NJ Professionals in Transition

January 1, 2015

Employment transition, that is.

Open to all. Peer-run/-supported.

Online discussion forum/information archive/bulletin board/event calendar,

and in-person meetings in Maplewood Library.

{click on the graphic, to see the whole description and schedule}


What a nice “big shout-out” on the radio!

July 23, 2014

Dynamite Double DJs
Ifé [Ee-Fay] Dancy, a.k.a. Miss I.D., who works with DJ Max Jerome

The Show – On The Radio with Ifé & Max Jerome”
on WBAI 99.5 FM /

separatorThey play “Old and New School R&B, House, Disco Classics,
Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop, with a mix of commentary.”


I’ve been having a lot of late Tuesday nights, lately–
they’re on from midnight until 3:00 a.m. (Wednesday morning)–
and I groove to the music, and comment on their Facebook page, etc.

So, the other morning [July 16, 2014] I reminded them of where we met. And saw no text in response.

Well, here’s what Ifé said (about me!)
on the air…!

And I don’t even think that I ever told her my “brand” name–
“Mr. Hospitality”–but she sure remembered me,
so I do believe that she knows who I am!

I would love to (have a) party with them, in real life, again. You can, too. For bookings, call 862.216.6108…

“Getting IN… with ‘The IN Crowd'”

April 15, 2014

Well that was quite a month. (Did you miss me, here?) Preparing to give a presentation (about LinkedIn) to the Maplewood Library in-person group of Northern NJ Professionals in Transition. Which meant making a slide-show. Which meant learning how to use MS PowerPoint…

getting in

It wound up being 75 slides! With many flashy transitions and many graphics and many animations. Yes, when I Googled “newbie mistakes in PowerPoint” I was told not to make “too many” slides or have it be too busy/complicated. And yes, I had some small font sizes, too. But they worked out to be legible.

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