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March 20, 2016

RH feels the Bern


It’s been almost eight years since this one, from October 1st, 2008.



Check out (my friend) Ed Palermo!

August 6, 2015

And the Ed Palermo Big Band.

The [semi-]short (back) story is: Walking in NYC’s “The Village” one time, looking for something to do. Saw a sign, at the Red Lion, for a musical double-bill: Project/Object [the repertoire of Frank Zappa] [and please see my other posts, about him (and about books about him), on this blog, including this one] and Mahavishnu Project [the book of… you guessed which Orchestra.] I took a gamble and walked in. Both bands blew me away. I signed onto the e-mail list for P/O. Then, on a subsequent tour, they asked for volunteers for “local crews.” Help the band load in & out and get free admission & beer! I wrote a long letter about all my skills & attributes and care while handling other people’s expensive/delicate equipment. The leader, Andre Cholmondeley, chose me and I met him at Maxwell’s in Hoboken one (fateful) afternoon before their gig. Fun!

The next year I volunteered, for them, at BB Kings. The next year I volunteered at Mexicali Rose. The next year I volunteered at Iridium. Etc. I’ve lost count. But have made a good friend in Andre (a killer guitarist [as was FZ, not everybody realizes]). (The rest of the players have rotated.) [And met both Ike Willis and Ray White, from some of FZ’s best lineups!]

And I met Katie Jacoby, electric violinist [did you love Jean Luc Ponty’s time with FZ?!] one time at BB King’s. We now think, the first time I met Ed Palermo–the hero of this current story–and, when he first met her, too. Of course, we both were enamored of Katie. I photographed her (and everyone/all evening, of course). Ed invited her to sit in with his group. Now she’s (a regular) in his band.

Oh, so, one time, hanging out with Ed in some NYC venue, after meeting at least several times, we realized that we both live in the same town in northern NJ!


The current recording. One disc of Ed’s music; one disc of his arrangements of Frank’s music. [Click to go to]

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Check out the Montclair Food & Wine Festival!

June 13, 2014


I apologize, dear readers, that I didn’t get a chance to tell you about this, before it happened [although there was this, almost a year ago, for those paying attention!], (or anything, in May!) but consider this fair warn… advance notice about next year! We were having a lot of meetings to list/line up/nail down all the moving parts/logistics, for three days of tasting, seminars, and dinner. Besides, you’re reading my Facebook, too—with all the ‘selfies’ of me in my tee-shirt, around town—right…?!

Trying to pitch in everywhere I could, I was mostly involved with the check-in process and the general hospitality in the “front of house” again, for (mastermind) Melody Kettle’s second (annual) fabulous events—this time at (places with air conditioning!) the (respected) Montclair Art Museum (which charged us rental fees) and The Manor restaurant (and beautiful catering hall) where the kitchen & dining room spaces were graciously donated by the Knowles family! I also did ad hoc marketing as I walked/bicycled wherever people were; helped coordinate at the (meetings of the) venues; kept the buzz going on social media; set up over 50 tables; was the sponsor-care point-person; assisted the band; moved boxes of dishes and glassware; am keeping the buzz going on social media; etc.

This organization is a governmentally-designated 501(c)3 not-for profit, and the proceeds will be donated to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital; and to several promising culinary students, to further their educations.

We sold out the tickets that were offered, and we’re already outgrowing this year’s spaces! Read about the Grand Tasting at the museum; the Seminar Series; and the Gala Dinner—which was a sit-down affair, with six-courses made by six chefs, with paired wines. See the menu, here, and read about the chefs, here.

RH and MK at Gala

[Zoomed-in crop of] photo by Christina Nuzzo for LifeMosaic Photography

I try to be 
^^this^^ dynamo’s right-hand man!


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Check out my friend Rostafa!

September 18, 2013


You can scan that wacky box-thingie, or go to

Check out some of my old business titles!

November 8, 2012

I met Derek Sivers on (at the beginning of) the worldwide web. He was an early adopter of communication/technology (also) and I stumbled upon the site of what seemed to be a band. I had searched for “music”—I forget (and always wonder) how many (how few!) sites were found by that (which?) search engine, using (version 1.0? of) the Mosaic browser, back then, but I visited them ALL. I wasn’t even sure what I was doing, “clicking” the underlined words, but of course now every child weaves many elaborate virtual trails, jumping from computer to who-knows-where-the-next-computer-is. I discovered a “cross between The Beatles and James Brown;” where “peanut butter meets Pez.” The sound samples (that I downloaded onto my work PC [which had a network card], put on a diskette, and played on my work Mac [which had a sound card]) were fun and funky!

Derek had made [it’s no longer up] for (the “band”) Hit Me, and the (multimedia) CD called “Greatest Hits, Vol. 17.” This recording was a very talented young man (Derek) doing his original songs on guitar, bass, piano, voice, with some help from a drummer [where is Rodney now?] and a female singer [where is Christine now?]. Having studied at Berklee College of Music, he knew how to record on a multi-track machine, and got the results mixed, mastered, and mass-produced. It had art, a bar-code, and shrink-wrapping, and so it looked like a “real” “grown-up” (professional) (major label) music CD.


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Check out my NEW tee-shirt!

October 1, 2008

See: I don’t always wear my BlueWaveNJ threads!


UPdate, on March 20th, 2016.


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September 21, 2008
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