Check out “The International Collaboration Project”!

August 10, 2015

Francisco Diaz & Deb Young make photographs, in an entirely online relationship–Skype-ing for hours on end! Their creations are surrealistically realistic (realistically surrealistic?). They have a refreshingly new/decidedly unique point of view/style.

E.g., not only were they not together, in this shot (or ever, in person!), I would further guess that neither of them were ever captured in front of this facade! So, what IS “real”? [These photo-graphic-like cotton-candy-spun layer-cake-built pixel-sculptures? Sure!]


A (manufactured) portrait of the artists.

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Check out “National Night Out” [2015]!

August 4, 2015

I read about goings on in Montclair, Glen Ridge, and Bloomfield (that last one mentioned pizza, so that was attractive!), but nothing about any events in West Orange.


Bike & Walk Montclair held a Four Ward Evening Bike Tour, in Montclair. The ride started in the 2nd Ward at the Edgemont Park Field House, and made stops at each event–of National Night Out–in all Four Wards of the town. I biked from home.

The basic schedule:
5:00 pm – Met at Edgemont Park Field House, in the 2nd Ward [Surprise: there was pizza! I had a slice (from Panzano’s) and a bottle of water];

– biked to Salvation Army, in the 3rd Ward [I had two slices of pizza (from Mancinni’s) and a bottle of water];

– biked to the Community Center (11 Pine Street), in the 4th Ward [I had an empanada (from Noches de Colombia) and a bottle of water];

– biked to St. James Church, in the 1st Ward – arrived at 7:00.


Laura Torchio (left) arrived first. Then me. Then a couple of other bikers. Then two policemen, to answer any questions that we had.


We ten. My friends Laura, Gray Russell, Gail Prusslin were among them!


Officer Mateo and (the first of many of) Laura(‘s selfies).


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July 30, 2015


“From DREAM to REAL…”

“… for when your business wants to exist now… not someday.”

My friend Rebecca Irby is organizing this, so–women especially–
please check it out.



A Live Workshop in Montclair New Jersey,
with Anne Perry of Business Heroine magazine.

Saturday, August 22 from 11:00am – 5:00pm.

Business Heroine
the (free) magazine for the entrepreneur who says she will, and does”
is coming to New Jersey!

Get the full details & reserve your spot, now, here.



The lovely house (that you will recognize, if you were ever) in Montclair!


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Spring Into Motion Dance Party

March 13, 2015

with/for Bike&Walk Montclair.

{click on the graphic, to see the whole pictorial}


Check out De Novo!

February 13, 2015

I heard about TV shoot that was going to happen at De Novo restaurant. (If I brand myself as “Mr. Hospitality,” Demetri Malki is my role model. From Demetri’s to Table 8 to a captain stint at Osteria Giotto, he’s always been such a warm and welcoming personality/presence.) Sure, I’ll do him a favor (and go eat) to fill out the room!

[Remember when Lauren Glassberg, of “Neighborhood Eats” on WABC-TV news came to Bloomfield?]

The sign had been installed only recently/just in time!


So many details are considered!


Full bars are rare in Montclair. This one is on NJ Transit Property, so it’s under a different political jurisdiction/laws.


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I Volunteer at SOPAC!

February 1, 2015

Did I tell you that, yet?

The South Orange Performing Arts Center.

UPdate, in July: I’ve worked 38 shifts, now, and seen a lllot of concerts!

{click on the graphic, to go to this fine non-profit’s website}

I volunteer at SOPAC

Initials, Inc.

November 15, 2014

Personalize your accessories!

Check out my friend, Teresa who is an Independent Creative Partner.

Host a party, shop or start your own business.

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