About Raymond

I like taking long walks in the woods or on the beach, and holding hands in the moonlight, looking into the eyes–and stroking the hair–of my dear life partner* Bernadette. We’ve been (in love) from Brooklyn & Great Neck to Jones Beach & Montauk Point (all on Lawn Guyland); to Oregon & California (from San Francisco over to Yosemite and down to Big Sur); (Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Taos) New Mexico and (Rio Caliente) Mexico; from Montreal to The Canadian Rockies; down the whole East coast, especially into Virginia (hello, Richmond!) and from Jupiter Beach to St. Petersburg, Florida; all around St. John (USVI); and from Sydney to Byron Bay, Australia. So you can read more about me here, on Facebook, and on MySpace, but not on Match.com or eHarmony.com! [* Note in 2016: That was written in 2008. That (phase of that) relationship lasted from (a “blind date” on March 6, 1993 through 2015–a very good run!]

My education progressed from PS 193, to JHS 194, to Flushing High School, to Hunter College of CUNY.

I have lived in Queens; The Bronx; Manhattan; New Paltz; Binnewater; Ulster Park; and Great Neck, NY. Now, as fate (karma?) would have it, (after all the bad things I unknowingly said about the state) I am in Northern NJ!

Far away places that I’ve been to, before B, include London, Paris & Madrid, thanks to my sister, for my 18th birthday, and then Lisbon, Nice, Barcelona & Rome, the next year, by myself! Other major trips, that I recall, were made to California, South Carolina, and several times to Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai & Maui).

Several major employers were Hunter College, McCann-Erickson, Radio-TV Reports, and Salomon Brothers.

Jobs have included office administrator, construction worker, bartender, film editor, PC support analyst, performing arts publicist, newspaper photo-columnist, restaurant maitre d’, and webmaster.

Hobbies currently include photography, anything with computers or wires, playing drums, collecting advertising glassware for my bar… and now a blog!

Sports (playing, not watching) include mountain biking, volleyball, racquetball, hiking. I used to ice-skate & roller-skate and then I used to roller-blade. Tennis, anyone…?

Current volunteer committees include May in Montclair, Bike Montclair, and the West Orange Watercooler.

Do you (want to) know me (better)?


3 Responses to About Raymond

  1. John Figurski says:

    I just found your blog and read that you tended bar at the Homestead in New Paltz 1972-1974. I was a bartender there also. My name was and is John Figurski, I had long blond hair and I drew the original poster for Chrome Willie + the Sparks as well. I was also a friend of Robbie Dupree + Dennis Minervini, their drummer. I must confess my memory sometimes fails me. Your name rings a faint bell but I don’t really remember you. I also had the pleasure of 86ing Ralph Kulseng, the owner a few times. Does anything I have written sound familiar. Would love to hear from you. Oh, and I also had a passing acquaintance with Raoul Vezina. I heard he died a few years ago. Is that true?

  2. Raymond says:

    Well that was a blast from the past!

    FYI, y’all, John and I wrote back-and-forth for a while, ’til he got tired of it, I guess.

    It (like living in New Paltz, in general!) was fun, while it lasted, though.

    You can contact me, too…!

  3. Beth J. Hollender says:

    Wonderful experience and travels for such a young man!

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