Check out my friends at the “Believe in a Healthy Newark” initiative, again!


Hopefully you saw this, back in February.

Well they (we) have been very busy, since then.







The plenary speaker:

bob atkins








2 Responses to Check out my friends at the “Believe in a Healthy Newark” initiative, again!

  1. Raymond Helfrich says:

    Titles and descriptions of the Breakout Sessions:

    * Housing as a Vaccine and Best Practices for Achieving Healthier Homes *

    Lead and Healthy Homes experts and thought leaders will discuss best practices and engage your feedback and participation.

    * Accessing Healthy Activities *

    Find out where and what activities exist in the Newark area for you and your family.

    * Childhood Asthma, Putting the Pieces Together: Where we live, How we eat, and What we experience *

    Explore how your environment, nutrition and trauma can serve as asthma triggers for children and discuss what we can do about it.

    * Adverse Childhood Experiences & Resiliency: Mobilizing to Create a Safe and Supportive Newark *

    Please join us for a guided discussion that considers what we know about the impact of chronic toxic stress on the developing child and his/her caregiver and their community, the importance of preventing, screening for and treating ACEs, and the roles our respective fields are playing in this movement.

    * Using Data to Drive Policy and Media Coverage *

    The breakout session will focus on the use — and limits — of data in policymaking, and how to take advantage of it in working with media and other outside organizations.

    * Food for Thought *

    Join us for a panel discussion with state and local experts on the role of food policy in promoting healthy nutrition.

    * How to Collectively Make an Impact! *

    Collective impact is a powerful approach to cross-sector collaboration to address specific social and complex problems in a community. This session will highlight local collective impacts and their leadership and how to navigate the challenges of partnership, alignment, funding and data.

    * Fairmount Promise Neighborhood Association *

    * Educational Materials to Foster a Culture of Health *

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