Check out my friends at Wild Honey Catering!



I met Daniel Stein at an opening reception at an art gallery. He was (in my way—just kidding!) at the buffet table. I confided to this stranger, “Wow, I was hoping for crackers & cheese, but these fabulous-looking canapes are awesome!” He thanked me. “Excuse me?!” I retorted. “Oh, I’m the caterer; my partner is in the kitchen!” So I went right to Sylvia Becker, to gush further…


Well, they’re both also as handsome as they are sweet-hearted—and those qualities are commensurate to the well-matched excellent front-of-house/back-of-house skills that this dynamic duo provide…




We kept in touch. They joined (the many other great chefs, in the kitchen at) the next Montclair Food & Wine Festival. I helped them—sell-out their Superbowl Sunday chili—at the Northern New Jersey Slow Food Movement Farmers Market in Maplewood. I (put together a “coffee” [OK, kombucha, for these two!] date, and) introduced them to the folks from La Olivilla (makers of Dehesa de la Sabina organic EVOO) and they partnered to make a sold-out tasting event in West Orange. I was a guest at their amazing Farm-to-Fork dinner in Mendham.



Since then, I’ve (salivated, when I’ve) read about their several recent sold-out vegan dinners in Millburn, and I’ve (almost been compelled to study yoga! when I’ve) seen the heavenly photos & descriptions of their wonderful “Nirvana” retreat week in Puerto Rico! Next, for them, a trip to Korea… (so I’m psyched for some more Asian influences…)!


Wild Honey Catering
specializes in intimate private events.

They make custom menus in order to personalize your party. 

Contact them to discuss your event ideas!

(973) 768-7313


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