Check out “My Winter Walkabout” with Cynthia Kirk!

In NYC, on the Highline, and to several art galleries,
to a coffeeshop and a restaurant,
and to a Broadway play

On March 3rd, the birthday of dear Jim Leisy

Cynthia Kirk

I took the train into NYC, from Millburn, for the first time. Direct to midtown—very civilized. She came up from Fulton St., where she had gone to the TKTS booth to score us tickets to see The Crucible, on Broadway. We rendezvoused (so much easier, to coordinate, with mobile phones!) on 8th Ave. & 30th St. We walked over to the Highline, and then down it, to 17th St. We stopped at Caffe Bene for a respite. Then we checked out the lobby of the awesome building that is now the Highline Hotel. Then we went up to the Gagosian Gallery (522 West 21st Street) for an exhibition of 31 very large/interesting photographs by Gregory Crewdson, whose work both Cyn & Jim had seen/appreciated.


Then, just across the street, to the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (521 West 21st Street) for “‘The Library for the Birds of New York’ and Other Marvels,” a new exhibition by Mark Dion.

Then up to Cafe Un Deux Trois.

Then to the Walter Kerr Theater. For The Crucible.

Then back down to Penn Station.

Fun, with friends!


Please check out all my photos from this day.


2 Responses to Check out “My Winter Walkabout” with Cynthia Kirk!

  1. Loved it, Raymond! I’ve always wanted to do the High Line. And Cafe Un,Deux,Trois was one of my favorite places when I worked in midtown in the 80’s. Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Raymond Helfrich says:

      So glad you enjoyed my blog, Clare! Thanks for reading & commenting. The Highline is a very unique urban park; I would be glad to walk it with you…

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