Check out “The International Collaboration Project”!

Francisco Diaz & Deb Young make photographs, in an entirely online relationship–Skype-ing for hours on end! Their creations are surrealistically realistic (realistically surrealistic?). They have a refreshingly new/decidedly unique point of view/style.

E.g., not only were they not together, in this shot (or ever, in person!), I would further guess that neither of them were ever captured in front of this facade! So, what IS “real”? [These photo-graphic-like cotton-candy-spun layer-cake-built pixel-sculptures? Sure!]


A (manufactured) portrait of the artists.



And, knowing Frank Diaz a long time, I realize that no detail is un-purposeful.

“Jack + the Beanstalk 2 Determination”
(from the Folktales series)


“Open Secret” (from the Suspicion series)

{As always, on this blog, you may click on any of the photos
to open the ICP website in a new window.}

{Please do come back here!}

Side Note: this is being published on August 10th, Frank’s birthday–my personal gift to a man who has everything!

UPdate: in August, 2018… three years later!xx 



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