Check out the Montclair Food & Wine Festival!


I apologize, dear readers, that I didn’t get a chance to tell you about this, before it happened [although there was this, almost a year ago, for those paying attention!], (or anything, in May!) but consider this fair warn… advance notice about next year! We were having a lot of meetings to list/line up/nail down all the moving parts/logistics, for three days of tasting, seminars, and dinner. Besides, you’re reading my Facebook, too—with all the ‘selfies’ of me in my tee-shirt, around town—right…?!

Trying to pitch in everywhere I could, I was mostly involved with the check-in process and the general hospitality in the “front of house” again, for (mastermind) Melody Kettle’s second (annual) fabulous events—this time at (places with air conditioning!) the (respected) Montclair Art Museum (which charged us rental fees) and The Manor restaurant (and beautiful catering hall) where the kitchen & dining room spaces were graciously donated by the Knowles family! I also did ad hoc marketing as I walked/bicycled wherever people were; helped coordinate at the (meetings of the) venues; kept the buzz going on social media; set up over 50 tables; was the sponsor-care point-person; assisted the band; moved boxes of dishes and glassware; am keeping the buzz going on social media; etc.

This organization is a governmentally-designated 501(c)3 not-for profit, and the proceeds will be donated to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital; and to several promising culinary students, to further their educations.

We sold out the tickets that were offered, and we’re already outgrowing this year’s spaces! Read about the Grand Tasting at the museum; the Seminar Series; and the Gala Dinner—which was a sit-down affair, with six-courses made by six chefs, with paired wines. See the menu, here, and read about the chefs, here.

RH and MK at Gala

[Zoomed-in crop of] photo by Christina Nuzzo for LifeMosaic Photography

I try to be 
^^this^^ dynamo’s right-hand man!



[Photo on my phone-camera] Lisa Smith, Moi, Deborah Leow

Several of my right- and left-hand women!




The Montclair Art Museum—
before, during, and after the Grand Tasting!

MFWF composite

[Phone-camera] photos/triptych by Yours Truly


[Zoomed-in crop of] photo by Christina Nuzzo for LifeMosaic Photography. Cheers!

Thank you to all the sponsors and vendors and volunteers!



Our chefs in the kitchen…

MFWF chefs in kitchen

The Chefs for the Gala Dinner! Left to Right: Mitchell Altholz [Highlawn Pavilion], Floyd Cardoz [Tabla], Michael Carrino [Pig and Prince], Ariane Duarte [CulinAriane] (Ariane is holding shirt of Chef Ryan DePersio [Fascino, Nico, Batello]), Mario Russo [The Manor], Francesco Palmieri [The Orange Squirrel], and kitchen/service expediter Gerry Cerrigone [Fin, Salute] (photo by Keith Sly for the Knowles family)

… and the ballroom—at The Manor.

The Manor dining room

(Photo by Keith Sly for the Knowles family)


The Manor's dining room

[Phone-camera] photo by Yours Truly

Connect with us: 




We’ve already started to work on
(making) next year’s #3
(bigger and better)…



[Phone-camera] photo by Yours Truly

Harry Knowles raises a toast
to the Montclair Food & Wine Festival!

Special thanks to Mr. Knowles
and his sons Kurt and Wade;
and Kurt’s son Kurt;
and Wade’s daughter Keri.

… Kurt, Jr. and Keri are admirably carrying the hospitality torch forward for the next & future generations…


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Lots more great photos:

Copyright © 2014 LifeMosaic Photography LLC/Christina Nuzzo
Montclair Food & Wine Festival | Day 1 | THE GRAND TASTING
Montclair Food & Wine Festival | Day 2 | THE SEMINARS

Montclair Food & Wine Festival | Day 3 | THE GALA DINNER
Copyright © 2014 LifeMosaic Photography LLC/Christina Nuzzo




2 Responses to Check out the Montclair Food & Wine Festival!

  1. MF&WF 2014 was another fantastic event, from start to finish! It was so classy & well organized, with such a delicious variety of food & wine!

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