Check out my friends at Generate Buzz, LLC!

Generate Buzz, LLC

As seasoned non-profit professionals with a highly successful fundraising background, they have developed a truly unique, cross-disciplinary approach to compelling marketing and advertising. With superior verbal and written communication skills, the folks at GENERATE BUZZ, LLC are passionate about helping small businesses and non-profits achieve greater organizational effectiveness and promote positive social change.


Do you want to start or grow a small business or non-profit,
but lack the time, money, or know-how
needed to effectively promote it?

GENERATE BUZZ, LLC provides cost-effective per diem consulting services—in writing: creative, humorous, persuasive; editing and proofing; as well as photography: event, landscape, and still life—for all types of promotional materials and campaigns.

They can help you accomplish your goals through…


(From "Inside View: What Makes a Good Consultant?" by Cameron Mirza)
Generate Buzz, LLC

(As always, on this blog, click the graphics to go to the website.)

Please call: 973-769-5591
or email:

2 Responses to Check out my friends at Generate Buzz, LLC!

  1. Sara says:

    This is great, Raymond. Thank you so much.

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