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September 21, 2008
Blue Waver

Blue Waver



Are you looking for (more information about) Raymond Helfrich?
Born & raised in New York City, I now reside in Northern New Jersey.
Here’s a good place to start (to get to know me better)

(and find out about some of my interests and affiliations)…

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Check out Clement’s Place!

May 5, 2019

So far, the coolest/least known, hippest/semi-secret hangout that I have found in my new city of Newark. Part of the Institute of Jazz Studies, of Rutgers University, one never knows whom one will see, either on or off the band-stand.


Click on the logo, to go there!


Wayne Winborne is the Executive Director.



Named after Clement Price, (wikipedia) Newark historian, Rutgers Professor, and jazz-lover.

(Image found on


All uncredited still & animated photos and videos are by me.


My first time there [11/14/18]:

(for a show produced by my friend Gregory Burrus).

(From Clement’s Place’s event page on Facebook.)
(Graphic by Gregory Burrus.)

“Future Rising,” led by Lance Bryant (sax).

Very good combo. Gil Scott Chapman (piano) was most friendly to me.

With my friend Gregory Burrus (music-lover, photographer, producer, promoter, publicist [South Orange/Maplewood-based, but he sure gets around!]) on the left.


Bytheway, Gregory Burrus is a supporter of local businesses, community events, jazz, blues, musicians, and local art exhibitions. Gregory is a manager and promoter of the South Orange Village Center Alliance “Downtown After Sundown,” Live Music Events, Board Member of the North Jersey Blues Alliance, Friend of the Valley Arts District in Orange, NJ and avid supporter of jazz, blues and art all around our towns and the Greater New York & New Jersey area. On a regular basis, Gregory gets the word out through social media marketing, writing articles, blogging and photojournalism.

[ / 862.205.7660]


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Check out Ed Palermo Big Band’s new CD!

January 8, 2019

New CD,
and two release parties for it,
this coming month!

Both great clubs*, whose respective managements love Ed
and the (regular shows/residencies that the) EPBB
(does/has in each of them).

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Check out The International Collaboration Project, again!

November 19, 2018


[I first wrote about them three years ago.]

Here are some more samples of their artwork:

diaz-young -- ICP -- 6b

November, 2018

Well, here’s some big news…

Diaz & Young of The International Collaboration Project have launched a NEW blog in which they UNPACK the secrets to successful collaboration. Creative collaborations are challenging, but with the right approach, collaborative efforts can become amazing works of art…

… like their Beekman 1802 Mercantile shopping bag’s latest design…


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Check out the Newark Bike Tour of 2018!

September 26, 2018

The logo this year. Groovy, eh?! Bytheway, most of the graphics for the Brick City Bike Collective are made by Tony Borelli. Whom I met on the Tour (that I didn’t finish [ask me for that story, sometime!]) last year.

The weather report. Groovy!


I asked Tracy (La Greca) Quick, wife of Bill Quick (whom I met on the Tour [that I didn’t finish (ask me for the rest of that story, sometime)!] last year) of Borderline Bikes, to take this photo. I wanted her to get my tee-shirt (and my new bike-mount phone-holder [so that I could show it to dear Sara Greenhouse, who got it for me for my birthday!]) in the shot. Later on, when I went to animate it, I saw that I could point out busy Bill, too.


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Elect Joe Krakoviak, to be Mayor of West Orange, NJ!

September 22, 2018

[Joe in his term as the Council President]


Meet Joe

Councilman Joe Krakoviak has served the residents of West Orange as an elected official for nearly eight years – including one term as council president – consistently advocating for transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility in the municipal government, with a commitment to making decisions in the best interest of all residents.


Joe’s Record

  • Proposed creation of a Senior Citizens Advisory Board and better senior transportation and other services
  • Actively worked for increased funding of the West Orange Public Library
  • Pushed for expansion of competitive bidding to a greater number of town contracts
  • Supported new jitney route, while looking for ways to reduce the service’s more than $500,000 annual cost
  • Called for increasing Open Space acquisition and enforcement of the tree-protection ordinance
  • Advocated for giving residents the legally guaranteed opportunity to vote on school capital projects, as well holding referendums on moving local elections and on providing $6.3 million of taxpayer-guaranteed bonds for the Edison Redevelopment project
  • Appointed the only current member of the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee (The Mayor and Council majority have not made their required appointments in years, severely handicapping the group’s ability to analyze and advise on budget matters.)
  • Argued to competitively bid – for the first time since before the turn of the 21st century – the $400,00-$500,000 annual insurance consulting contract, and to change compensation from commissions based on the size of the insurance contract to fee-for-service – which has lowered costs significantly for other municipalities and school districts.


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Check out my friend Joe Krakoviak, for W.O. Mayor!

September 18, 2018

[First, please remind yourself about my post,
about his run for Township Council,
8 years ago.]

[Then close that window and come back here!]



West Orange is a great place to live and raise a family. But financially, the property values have not kept pace with most neighboring towns, due primarily to extraordinarily high property taxes. Joe Krakoviak, Town Council member for eight years, including a year as Council President, knows the issues and has a plan to move the town in a better direction!


The mayor has raised the municipal property taxes by the maximum allowed, 2%, in each of the last four years. He also says he can’t cut taxes. But 67 New Jersey municipalities reduced taxes in 2017, including two in Essex County. With a “common sense budget” that sets priorities and cuts wasteful spending,
Joe K. can cut taxes, too.

Some recent examples of wasteful spending
that Joe has voted against:


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Check out NNJ PIT for 2018!

December 27, 2017


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